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contemplative sound art workshops playfully explore our relationship with everyday sounds. Through care-full listening, sound-making and sharing of our creations, we uncover the extraordinary in the mundane.

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Readipop Princes Trust

Prince's Trust Workshops


Feb 2023, 2022, 2020 and Nov 2019

Field recording workshops with young people on the 'Get Started with Music' programme at Readipop Studios. The workshops integrated field recording, music production and performance with careers-focused sessions and visits to local employers.

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Harris Garden Schools Workshops


September and October 2021

Exploring the sounds of Harris Gardens at Reading University with pupils from local primary schools. The three workshops encouraged pupils to investigate the soundscape of the gardens, using field recording and music making to connect with and respond to the environment. The recordings made by the children will be woven into an audio tour for visitors to enjoy in the Spring of 2022.

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Clueseum Junk Percussion Workshops


August 2021

On the streets of Reading with the Annual Daydream Harvest, unearthing lost sounds for Whitley's mysterious Clueseum. Junk percussion formed a bed of rhythm over which was draped other found sounds, songs and impromptu performances.

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how soundwalks support wellbeing:

connection : learning : activity : kindness : presence

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2 Learning_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
3 Activity_edited_edited_edited.png
4 Kindness_edited_edited_edited.png
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ICU Staff Workshops


April to June 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, local ICU staff at the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust participated in a programme of contemplative listening sessions. Integrating mindfulness practices, the staff creatively explored the soundscape of gardens, ruins, canals and historic buildings through listening exercises, field recording, photography, drawing, nature immersion and music-making. 

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"New insights into the way we hear, and strategies for appreciating the realm of sound."

— Peter Savage (Lecturer and Professional Photographer)

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Undergraduate Field Recording Workshop


26th February 2021

A materials session exploring approaches to listening and field recording techniques with undergraduate fine art students from the University of Reading.

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Small Silence Primary Workshops


June and July 2019

Small Silence primary workshops use the arts to explore elements of children's social and emotional learning. The workshops are delivered through an immersive story, where helping the characters to solve a problem engages the pupils in imaginative arts work. 

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Contemplative Listening Workshop


October 2018

A morning of contemplative listening exploring our responses to the silence of Reading Friends Meeting House. The workshop included a familiarisation exercise, awareness of the body in the body, a soundwalk, exploring object's sonic history, sound gatha creation, field recording and a time of sharing.

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