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the listeners

a noisy silence

Listening is at the heart of my practice, listening to uncover the sacred in the mundane.


With the wellbeing of people and planet at heart, I aspire to connect people with everyday sounds through contemplative arts workshops, soundwalks, installations, presentations and projects documenting of my own listenings.


If you share this aspiration and feel I could support what you do, please do…

current work

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small silence mixes

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, gift yourself a small silence mix, sinking into the soundscape uninterrupted.


“A Noisy Silence helped us realise a hard task successfully: our aim was to put together a family-focused audio guide for our local Victorian Garden Cemetery in the style of Horrible Histories. They were supportive and dealt with the process professionally and efficiently from start to finish. They listened to our ideas and transformed them with thoughtful feedback and helpful expert advice. They engaged with the topic sensitively and helped us produce a wonderful digital artefact that reflects our community-focus and it is fit for purpose.”

— Prof. Yota Dimitriadi (Project Lead for Reading University)

friends, clients and partners

working with...

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