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The distinctive benefits of listening and sound art

for mental health and wellbeing?

a noisy silence

Listening is at the heart of my practice, listening to uncover the sacred in the mundane.


​With the wellbeing of people and planet at heart, I aspire to connect people with everyday sounds through contemplative arts workshops, soundwalks, installations, music and other immersive sonic experiences.

If you share this aspiration and feel I could support what you do, please do get in touch:

current work

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Small Silence mixes are back

Featuring a range of work from established and emerging artists, these mixes are curated for restful but engaging listening.


"I just want to thank you for your field recording workshop, I really enjoyed it and would have loved to have spent more time with you for the editing process....It made me think about sound in a different way and prove very useful for my final degree show.”

— Tara (Reading University Fine Art Undergraduate)

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