slow media

Summer 2021

The soundscapes of hospitals are a colossal disjuncture from the comforting and familiar surroundings of everyday life. This project aims to anchor patients in the familiarity of local scenes and everyday sounds embedded within slow video, sound and music.


sounds of our town

June and July 2020

With the Covid-19 lockdown in Summer 2020, many of us appreciated the reduction in noise pollution. This brought into focus some of the small sounds we love to hear. The ‘Sounds of Our Town’ project got local people thinking about and sharing their favourite local sounds and the way they make them feel.


seasonal slumberbus

December 2019

An interactive mobile sound sculpture that encourages passersby to take time out of  festive activities to connect with others and reflect on what the season means for them. Immersed in sound and encouraged to play with a variety of sound toys, visitors have an opportunity to take time-out to explore their deepest aspirations for the festive season.


audio blackspots

October 2019

The Audio Blackspots tour unveils the disturbing soundscapes concealed amidst Reading’s network of waterways. Revealing sounds normally submerged, entombed within objects or existing beyond the reach of our senses, each stop on the tour draws attention to an audio blackspot, a site of disquieting sonic collisions. This freely downloadable audio tour prompts you to stop and explore unfamiliar soundscapes and fish for buried sonic treasures.


silence | absence

September 2019

In September 2019 I curated a live arts exhibition by local artists in response to the ‘silence’ of a space at the Broad Street Mall shopping centre in Reading. Twelve artists working in different disciplines as diverse as sketching, woodcut, photography, knitting, sculpture and modular synthesis fashioned work from silence. Visitors were invited to experience the creation of the work first-hand. The day after, the work remained in situ, incomplete, as a still life, a memory of the creative processes undertaken.

BSM Logo_edited.jpg

July 2019

This immersive sound installation explored ways in which the soundscape of our local quiet spaces support our sense of stillness and reflects on what value these silences have for people today.

BSM Logo_edited.jpg

small silence [  ]



#smallsilence invites people to observe moments of stillness in their day, capture them in a social media-sized post and share them with others using the #smallsilence. The project aims to encourage participants to engage with everyday quiet and inspire others to do the same.

whitley community museum


A fascinating year-long project capturing and creating digital content for the museum including aural history and interactive audio and video content. Central to my work was the reconstruction of historical soundscapes of the area based on interviews and archival material.  (Oct '18 - Sept '19)

Reading Buses in WWII - Jim Cowdery
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