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soundwalks give us the opportunity to slow down, connect with the soundscape and explore our relationship with the intricate sonic wonders we so often ignore.

Image by NordWood Themes
RB at Tree Wardens Soundwalk.jpg

Reading Tree Warden Soundwalk


October 2019

This soundwalk explored the suburban green space of Highwood, near Reading, UK. The walk was led by myself and writer and naturalist Geoff Sawers. Whilst leaving time for quiet appreciation of the rain-soaked woodland soundscape, I was invited to speak about the role of natural sound barriers in addressing noise-pollution and the restorative qualities of woodland soundscapes.

Highwood Tree ShelterRichard Bentley
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HushCity Soundwalk Square 05-09-19.jpeg

HushCity Soundwalk


September 2019

As part of Soundwalk Sunday 2019, I led a sound-mapping soundwalk in collaboration with HushCity app. Participants used smartphones to log quiet spaces around central Reading, contributing photographs, sound recordings and reflections on their experience of soundscape. The walk was attended by a reporter from Reuters who interviewed me for the following article on access to quiet spaces in urban areas:

SWS19 Icon.png
Image by NordWood Themes

Urban Sketcher Soundwalk


June and July 2019

A sound-sketching walk with Reading Urban Sketchers group listening to the soundscapes around Caversham Lock and Weir in Reading. Sketchers responded by mixing traditional sketching technique with various forms of sound-mark-making.

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how soundwalks support wellbeing:

connection : learning : activity : kindness : presence

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2 Learning_edited_edited_edited_edited_e
3 Activity_edited_edited_edited.png
4 Kindness_edited_edited.png
5 Presence_edited_edited_edited.png
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Image by NordWood Themes

Creative Writing Soundwalk


July 2019

A soundwalk with artist, writer and naturalist Geoff Sawers using creative writing techniques to respond to the soundscape of the River Thames, Oxford Road and Abu Bakr Mosque.

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Image by NordWood Themes

Contemplative Photography


July 2021

A soundwalk with Reading-based architectural photographer Peter Savage, exploring the relationship between quiet spaces and visual 'silence'.

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Peter Savage Photo 01-07-19_edited.jpg
Image by NordWood Themes



June 2019

A soundwalk combining listening, visual silence and knitting patterns, exploring soundscapes around the Royal Berkshire Hospital Chapel and the Museum of English Rural Life, accompanied by sound artist and knitter Felicity Ford (KNITSONIK).

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Image by NordWood Themes
ELF Soundwalks.jpeg

Wellbeing Soundwalk


May 2019

Two soundwalks at Earth Living Festival that integrated guided sound meditations, kinh hanh (walking meditation) and sounding the architecture of the Medieval St Peter's Church.

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