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small silence [  ]

small silence [  ] sound installation

Introduction to the Small Silence project in Reading over the summer of 2019. (production and editing by Alex Genn-Bash)


'Beyond Twilight' Mark Langley

Installation Soundtrack (inside)Richard Bentley
00:00 / 16:42

Shared spaces for reflective quiet are slowly disappearing from towns and cities. This immersive sound installation explored ways in which the soundscape of our local quiet spaces such as faith buildings, parks, libraries, towpaths, galleries and museums support our sense of stillness and reflects on what value these silences have for people today.


Small Silence [  ] installation, Broad Street Mall, Reading

Installation Soundtrack (outside)Richard Bentley
00:00 / 16:35
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"Really nice experience for me, very calming and peaceful. Great way of making people be calm and enjoy the experience. Rich is a calming and nice guy to talk to."


feedback from visitors
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