At the heart of my approach to listening lies the question “what is this?” asked repeatedly in an almost exhaustive manner. Replies to this question are apprehended in documentary recordings and creative responses that challenge immediate, instinctive and embodied responses to sound. However, the true essence of the question is not to provoke intellectual speculation “what is this sound?” It is, instead, a self-reflexive “what is this listening?” resting in doubt and confusion

until the question is lived.

spring 2020

distal bodies

Listening, recordings and reflections investigating themes of social, spatial and temporal distance during Covid-19...

spring / summer 2019


As I sweep, I gather dust and dirt, along with memories, imaginings and small achievements. I listen to the sound of the brush swish...

summer 2017 - Winter 2018

lion seats

A series of sound diary entries exploring the soundscapes of formal meditation...