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audio tours

our self-guided audio tours connect listeners to hidden sounds in the environment, bring historical soundscapes to life and explore our relationship with people, places and buildings.

Image by NordWood Themes

Mixenden Wild Walk and History Hike

April 2024

Working with the local community, we co-created a History Hike and Wild Walk around the Hebble Brook in Mixenden, Yorkshire, incorporating their feedback into the design of the audio trails. The production process included recording voiceovers with pupils from Ash Green Primary at the local Phoenix FM radio station, as well as combining forces with drama and music students at Calderdale College. Our sound designer Dan Rothberger then sensitvely supported the recorded scripts with sound design, including field recordings from the local area.

Bronze Age UrnDaniel Rothberger
00:00 / 01:44
Annual GalaDaniel Rothberger
00:00 / 01:52
Mallard DuckDaniel Rothberger
00:00 / 01:58
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mixenden trails
Image by NordWood Themes

Holy Brook Nook

April 2023

Holy Brook Nook Fishing with Friar.jpg

Commissioned by Nature Nurture this audio trail encourages local people to visit Holy Brook Nook, a run-down area of Reading that had previously been avoided because of crime and persistent drug use. The tour works alongside murals (pictured) conservation work, a play & learning space, walking programmes, community events and a community garden. Voice acting talent for the audio tour was sourced from local Progress Theatre and the development of the tour was co-created with the community.

Progress Theatre Logo.jpg
commando jugendstil.png
commando jugendstil.png
Nature Nurture_edited.png
Nature Nurture_edited.png
Image by NordWood Themes

how audio tours support wellbeing:

connection : learning : activity : kindness : presence

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3 Activity_edited_edited_edited.png
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Image by NordWood Themes

Reading Old Cemetery

December 2022


Explore Reading Old Cemetery, a fine specimen of a Victorian garden cemetery, and find out about some of its permanent residents.

Berzerk Productions logo.jpeg
Reading Uni Logo.png

Inspired by Horrible Histories with voice overs from local budding and established performers and community volunteers the audio guide takes you on a tour around this beautiful, peaceful site. From people in workhouses to mansions and everyone in between, including headteachers, suffragists, sauce makers, football club directors, record-breaking motorcyclists and many more who are dying to tell their stories and share glimpses of Reading's past with you.

STOP 14 Joseph Edward SydenhamVarious
00:00 / 01:13
Image by NordWood Themes

Heritage Audio Trails

Audio Trail Poster.jpg

Each audio trail takes listeners on a journey of discovery. The walks bring hidden histories and stories to life, helping people to see their high street in a new light. Listeners can take a self-guided route, supported by an illustrated map created for each place. The walks will encourage people to slow down, pause and reflect, and experience their environment in a new way. Local artists have worked with communities to collect stories so that each walk is informed by and represents authentic local voices and experiences. These works connect listeners with the people, past and present, who have made their high street what it is today, transforming the everyday into something magical. Working with Sound UK to create two self-guided audio trails for Reading’s High Street Heritage Action Zone.

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Image by NordWood Themes

Harris Gardens Tour


May 2022

Saunter around Reading University’s Harris Gardens in the company of Head Gardener Luke and his assistant Betsy. Accompanied by sounds from the garden recorded by local primary pupils at Redlands, Alfred Sutton and Newtown schools and music performed by the plants themselves, the tour brings to life some of the amazing flora found in this beautiful garden. A GPS triggered trail using the Your Tour app.

Reading Uni Logo.png
Stop 7 - Dead WoodLocal Schools
00:00 / 01:07
Harris Gardens Tour Path v2.PNG
Image by NordWood Themes

A Reading of London Street


September 2021

An audio-guided soundwalk commissioned by Historic England that guides the listener through Reading's historic London Street. The sound walk combines music, audio drama and outdoor museum spaces. At its heart is London Street’s community, and its narrative is interwoven throughout the piece. Listeners will be taken on a dream-like journey through time.

Sound UK No Background.png
Image by NordWood Themes

audio blackspots


October 2019

Audio Blackspots unveiled the disturbing soundscapes concealed amidst Reading’s network of waterways. Revealing sounds normally submerged, entombed within objects or existing beyond the reach of our senses, each stop on the tour draws attention to an audio blackspot, a site of disquieting sonic collisions.

Bell and DragonRichard Bentley
00:00 / 01:38
Image by NordWood Themes

Bourne Valley Trail


July 2021

Working with Intelligent Health, Nature Nurture and YourTour to create a story-based tour for Bourne Valley in Colchester that aimed to connect local people with this beautiful green space. This GPS triggered audio tour features three local characters that entertain the listener with historical anecdotes and fascinating facts about the areas wildlife.

Water BatsRichard Bentley
00:00 / 01:36
Sit a MomentRichard Bentley
00:00 / 01:43
Blythe PondRichard Bentley
00:00 / 00:50
Bourne Valley Jude.JPG
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