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e-health initiatives sensitively employ technology to connect people with sounds, memories and environments that can support our wellbeing and growth.

Image by NordWood Themes

slow media for patients


May to December 2021

We worked with local artists and arts and mental health groups to create a menu of 'slow media' pieces for in-patients to access through iPads at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. 

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May to July 2020

The quiet of the Covid-19 lockdown, brought into focus some of the small sounds we love to hear but may have not had chance to appreciate. The ‘Sounds of Our Town’ project got local people thinking about and sharing their favourite local sounds and the way they make them feel.

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Wychwood Forest Soundscape


January to July 2021

A dawn chorus recording at the beautifully peaceful nature reserve at Wigwell Nature Reserve in Charlbury. Recorded in support of the Wychwood Forest Trust which works with local communities to protect and restore the spaces once part of the historic Wychwood Forest in the Cotswolds AONB.

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Image by NordWood Themes
Slumberbus Ben Ford FB.jpg
Slumberbus SoundscapeRichard Bentley
00:00 / 02:46
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Seasonal Slumberbus


December 2019

An interactive mobile sound sculpture that encouraged passers-by to take time out of  festive activities to connect with others and reflect on what the season means for them. Immersed in sound and encouraged to play with a variety of sound toys, visitors had an opportunity to take time-out to explore their deepest aspirations for the festive season. Playful ritual offers a light-hearted approach to turning these aspirations into positive intentions. Being mobile, the caravan-like 'Seasonal Slumberbus' was manned by two Dickensian-looking characters. Calming, engaging, light-hearted and playful, the Seasonal Slumberbus visited Reading's stores, cafes and businesses over December 2019.

Image by NordWood Themes
Silence Absence Modular Part III ExtractNino Auricchio
00:00 / 04:12
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silence | absence


September 2019

A live arts exhibition by a range of local artists in response to the ‘silence’ of a space at the Broad Street Mall shopping centre in Reading. Twelve artists working in different disciplines as diverse as sketching, woodcut, photography, knitting, sculpture and modular synthesis fashioned work from the silence. Visitors were invited to experience the creation of the work first-hand. The day after, the work remained in situ, incomplete, as a still life, a memory of the creative processes undertaken.

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May to September 2019

#smallsilence invites people to observe moments of stillness in their day, capture them in a social media-sized post and share them with others using the #smallsilence tag. The project aimed to encourage participants to engage with everyday quiet and inspire others to do the same.

Image by NordWood Themes
Whitley Army Hut.jpg

Whitley Oral History


October 2018 - September 2019

A fascinating year-long project capturing and creating digital content for Whitley Community Museum, including aural history and interactive audio and video content. Central to my work was the reconstruction of historical soundscapes of the area based on interviews and archival material. 

On Reading BusesJim Cowdery
00:00 / 04:07
Image by NordWood Themes

National Tree Week


May 2017

Recording and producing an audio installation of sound, music and poetry around Potter's Field Park in Central London to promote the benefits of trees in urban environments. Commisioned by The Woodland Trust

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Histree (excerpt)Richard Bentley (feat. Hazel Southam)
00:00 / 05:49
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Image by NordWood Themes

Hololens Experience


May 2017

I worked with Heath Wallace, UK crafting a suite of bespoke sounds for their Microsoft HoloLens Virtual Reality experience. Using original recordings, I sculpted a range of sounds that helped the user feel at home with the experience by offering clear auditory clues and encouraging feedback.

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"We commissioned Richard to create a suite of sounds for a HoloLens experience. His approach and level of commitment in researching and crafting sounds for a mixed reality environment made working with him a true pleasure. Communication and delivery was always on point, with the final results delighting stakeholders across the project. " Richard Ganpatsingh, Heath Wallace, UK.

Image by NordWood Themes
Reading Sound Map (montage)Richard Bentley
00:00 / 01:09
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Nature Nurture Soundmap


7th May 2016

The Reading soundmap project involved creating numerous short sound clips that encapsulated different locations in and around Reading. Interacting with characters on a table-top map, visitors were encouraged to explore local places through sound, tapping into their curiosity in a game of 'guess that sound'. The broader aim of the project, commissioned by Intelligent Health, was to inspire local people to walk, run or cycle locally and explore the sounds of Reading for themselves. Below are a few of the sounds that triggered as characters landed at particular locations on the map:

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