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You probably have at least one favourite everyday sound that makes you smile, tingle, relax, buzz with excitement or feel connected with others. It could be your cat purring, a music box you were given as a child, a blackbird’s song, the humming of a well-tuned engine, or the sound of your kids sleeping at last!

Our #soundsofourtown project invited local people to share these sounds with us in three simple steps:

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Types of sounds:

  • Bells and signals

  • Buildings

  • Water sounds

  • Nature

  • Shopping

  • Domestic

  • Community

  • Garden

  • Transport

  • Machinery

  • Spaces

  • People

Our Wellbeing

With the Covid-19 lockdown in Summer 2020, many of us appreciated the reduction in noise pollution from aircraft, road traffic and construction. This brought into focus some of the small sounds we love to hear but may not have had chance to appreciate. The ‘Sounds of Our Town’ project got local people thinking about and sharing their favourite local sounds and the way they make them feel.


In thinking about and searching for these sounds we connect with what is right in our lives; the treasured memories and objects, natural wonders, fun activities, the family, friends and neighbours and the many other small sonic wonders. In noticing, connecting and sharing these sounds, we boost our wellbeing, feeling grateful for those everyday objects, people, places and activities that our lives are scattered with, but which we so often overlook.

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Some of the posts from the project

Our Sonic Heritage

The project is not only a great way to boost wellbeing through mindful attention and connecting with others, but it also helps us to understand the local sounds we need to protect and promote as part of the town’s heritage.

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Videos from the Project

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