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Creativity Week Feedback
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Working with our partners 'The Annual Daydream Harvest' we deliver multi-disciplinary arts workshops that integrate sound, sculpture, dance and drama in exploring the hidden corners of young people's imaginations. Our work engages participants in becoming the story in an immersive exploration of other possible worlds. Within this world-building, we use sound in novel and interesting ways employing technology and creative field recording techniques to uncover hidden sound worlds. From this source material we use music sequencing, instrument making and live performance to stretch what pupils think they are capable of. 

As well as having the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award qualification, use sound recording equipment and build fantastical worlds, the workshops aim to explore our relationship with sound and provide the space for students to build confidence, friendships and deepen their emotional self-awareness. Workshops can be one-to-one, group or whole class and can be tailored to both the needs of the individual and the school.

"Richard [from Small Silence] was a pleasure to work with. He brought a wealth of experience and value to the student experience and managed the project with ease. The student feedback was incredibly positive and I look forward to working with him again. The blend of creativity and professionalism he brings to any arts or learning situation is of significant value to both students and teachers alike"

Mike Bandoni (Faculty manager - Creative Arts @Activate Learning)

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'impulsive environment' workshops exploring found sound and acoustics with students at Reading College.

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