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My research explores contemplative sound arts practices and develops workable ways of engaging people with sound for wellbeing.

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Small Silence primary workshops use the arts to explore elements of children's social and emotional learning. The workshops are delivered through an immersive story, where helping the characters to solve a problem engages the pupils in imaginative arts work. Pupils also have the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award.

We work with young people in formal and non-formal settings to  explore the importance of quiet to health and wellbeing, tying-in with the PSHE, the NHS five steps to wellbeing science and arts curricula. Delivered through an engaging, creative process by experienced teachers and artists, workshops can be tailored to the particular requirements of the education provider.

Working with experienced teachers and community artists, Small Silence community workshops focus on the value of quiet for improved mental health and the cultivation of interior stillness through focus-oriented arts activities.

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