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Our focus


Small Silence is dedicated to creating quiet spaces that support wellbeing, helping people reconnect with themselves and others more deeply. The quiet spaces we create can be physical spaces ‘set apart’ from the world, virtual spaces nestled amidst the busyness of online communication or opportunities to develop inward stillness and spaciousness. We approach the task of creating quiet spaces in a holistic way, understanding silence as something both cultivated by the individual and supported by our environment. Our growing portfolio of projects reflects this approach.


The value of silence


Modern life trains us to be constantly distracted, pulled in different directions by media, communications and a seemingly relentless list of demands. This distraction limits our freedom to make wise choices and take appropriate action by preventing us from listening to ourselves and those around us. Approached in the right way, quiet space can be an antidote, giving us the space we need to be ourselves, connect with what is important in our lives and act on our insights.


What we do

While we are always exploring new ways to support wellbeing through positive experiences of silence, our current portfolio of projects include:​


Our team


The Small Silence team is managed by our board of directors and supported by a dynamic group of artists, musicians, educators and technologists. We 'custom build' the team, to suit the project, drawing on this range of experience and expertise to deliver innovative and workable intiatives that meet objectives.

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