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community arts

Slumberbus Soundscape (Excerpt)
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Working with our partners 'The Annual Daydream Harvest' we deliver multi-disciplinary arts workshops that integrate sound, sculpture, dance and drama in exploring the hidden corners of our imaginations. Our work engages participants in an immersive exploration of possible worlds. Within this world-building, we use sound in novel and interesting ways employing technology and creative field recording techniques to uncover hidden sound worlds. From this source material we use music sequencing, instrument making and live performance to stretch what participant's think they are capable of. 

The workshops aim to explore our relationship with sound, build friendships, unleash creativity and foster wellbeing. Workshops can be one-to-one, group or whole class and can be tailored to both the needs of the individual and the school.

"The work and learning with which they were involved was high level and really served to attune their awareness of everyday sounds and refine their critical listening skills. The way that Richard explained recording concepts through the world of Mr Gray and the vault really served to spark their imagination which was wonderful to see."

Mr Greenway (Head of Music @Reading Girls School)

Nick in Bed.jpg

'Re Tale' a walk-through installation set in a disused shop in 2016.

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