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5 ways to wellbeing

Evidence suggests that small improvements in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and help people to flourish. Five key areas have been highlighted...

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#1 connection

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Connection to others can help to build a sense of belonging and self-worth, as well as offer opportunities to share positive experiences and offer reciprocal emotional support. Connection with nature, particularly in cities, provides a host of physical and mental wellbeing benefits including improved cardio-vascular and respiratory health as well as lower rates of depression alongside other positive mental health outcomes.

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#2 learning

Learning does not have to mean formal education but simply giving something new a try, learning a skill or being curious about the world around us. Being involved in learning boosts our self-confidence, helps foster a sense of purpose and gives us more opportunity to connect with others.

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#3 activity

Getting our bodies moving not only improves our physical health, but also causes chemical changes in the brain which can positively influence our mood. Physical activity also helps us set ourselves challenges and boosts self-confidence. 

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#4 kindness

Being aware of and appreciating what is around us is an act of kindness and counters our natural bias towards noticing the negative. Kindness to ourselves, others and the environment creates positive feelings of self-worth, purpose and a sense of reward, but also helps us connect with others.


#5 presence

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Presence could be described as our capacity to be mindful of whatever we are doing, approaching experience with a non-judgemental attitude of curiosity and care. It means being aware of our body, thoughts and feelings as well as the information from our senses. By paying careful attention to our experience, presence helps us to develop a more realistic and informed view of ourselves and the world in which we live. Our ability to be present impacts all aspects of our lives, and helps foster kindness, connection and curiosity, allowing us to skillfully navigate challenges and appreciate the wonder, sacredness and interconnectedness of life.

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