small silence [  ]

Introduction to the Small Silence project in Reading over the summer of 2019. (production and editing by Alex Genn-Bash)


'Beyond Twilight' Mark Langley

Small Silence [ ] Inside Cube - Richard Bentley
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Shared spaces for reflective quiet are slowly disappearing from towns and cities. This immersive sound installation explored ways in which the soundscape of our local quiet spaces such as faith buildings, parks, libraries, towpaths, galleries and museums support our sense of stillness and reflects on what value these silences have for people today.

the invited artists and their work

Small Silence [  ] installation, Broad Street Mall, Reading

Small Silence [ ] Outside Cube - Richard Bentley
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Night, night (the memorial lawn)
Night, night (the memorial lawn)

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Sleep (detail)
Sleep (detail)

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Night, night (the memorial lawn)
Night, night (the memorial lawn)

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"Really nice experience for me, very calming and peaceful. Great way of making people be calm and enjoy the experience. Rich is a calming and nice guy to talk to."


"Think what you are doing would really help mental illness"


"In the box I felt like a was sheltering from the rain, but kind of consumed by it at the same time - very immersive."


"I enjoy listening to the different sound effects. So calming and relaxing. Good for my PTSD, depression, it was nice to experience."


"I found it totally fascinating just closing my eyes and listening trying to think what was making the sounds."


"I enjoyed this - a spot of meditative calm in a Reading shopping centre that I did not expect!"


"I got off my bus feeling grumpy, cranky and generally annoyed! I then listened to Richard's sounds - I didn't 'like' all of them (just most) but I left feeling calm, relaxed and so much better!"


Loved it! Evocative, mood enhancing restful off-putting references to 70's movie soundtracks. People with dementia would also respond.


"Very fascinating (and soothing!) - great exhibition! :-)"


"I love my child's reaction to the sounds."


"The soundscape in the box is so immersive, it felt like I was out in the space that the sound was found in. The rain even sounded like it was on the roof!"


"Very relaxing, I wish there was such a room in my office, so that I could relax there on my lunch break :)"


"A deeply positive immersive experience - a sanctuary from the busy town and pressures of modern living."


"Evocative. The room is different. Not quiet. Womb like."


"I suffer from tinnitus and finds different sounds relaxing on different days. Nature sounds for meditation."



"Leaves me reflecting on environments in which to find peace."


"Inspiring exhibition on display that invites all people to be a part of. An inspiring conversation with Richard - Thank you *keep listening*"


"Makes you think about the space and how important sound i s for creating a 'sense of place'."


"Wish the cube was a permanent installation in Reading! Wonderful, immersive, much-needed space."