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quiet space


We develop, deliver and integrate online initiatives that employ digital and social media to promote better mental health and wellbeing.


winter 2018

As a remedy to post-Yuletide blues, the #listeningaslove initiative encouraged participants to listen for sounds in their environment which they felt triggered positivity, then share that experience in some way as a social media-sized post. The sound chosen could be extraordinarily novel or beautifully mundane, it only mattered that on hearing the sound they explored it, listened for what was positive in it and then make a determined effort to cultivate feelings of compassion, joy, gratitude or kindness – or whatever felt natural.

James - Dharma Rain_edited.png


summer 2019

#smallsilence invites participants to observe moments of stillness in their day, capture them in a social media sized post and share them with others. Not only is it a great way to appreciate moments of stillness more deeply, but in sharing them, people are inspiring others to rediscover the tiny wonders hidden in the mundane.

#smalllsilence montage 2.png


summer 2020

During the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, many have appreciated the reduction in noise pollution from aircraft, road traffic and construction. This has brought into focus some of the small sounds we love to hear but may not have had chance to appreciate. The ‘Sounds of Our Town’ project gets local people thinking about and sharing their favourite local sounds and the way they make them feel. In thinking about and searching for these sounds we connect with what is right in our lives; the treasured memories and objects, natural wonders, fun activities, the family, friends and neighbours and the many other small sonic wonders. In noticing, connecting and sharing these sounds, we boost our wellbeing, feeling grateful for those everyday objects, people, places and activities that our lives are scattered with, but which we so often overlook.

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