positive silence soundwalk

Immersion in the sounds of quiet spaces, helps us to relax, be present and enjoy feeling more ourselves again. This relaxing soundwalk explores a variety of soundscapes and nurtures contemplative listening that gets us out of our heads and into our bodies, connecting with the sounds that inhabit our quiet spaces.

Quiet Brook - Richard Bentley
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Contemplative listening is a wonderful way to be present with the movements of the world and to be available to ourselves. A gentle wander through quiet soundscapes creates space for us to explore the environment and its connection with our own sense of silence. The soundwalk guides the listener through a variety of focus-oriented exercises such as guided listening meditations, sounding spaces and sonic explorations of found objects to help anchor us in present-centred experience and quieten the chattering mind. Through a process of slowing down, calming and listening, we can uncover insights about our connection with sound and silence, helping us to become aware of our habitual responses and better manage them. In all, I hope you come away a renewed curiosity in our everyday sound worlds and a sense that this was time well-spent.

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Minimum 2 hours. Whole-day workshops can also be aranged.


Pricing is tailored to individual or group size and location (Richard is based near Oxford, England). Please contact to discuss your requirements. 


Richard Bentley

Richard is a sound artist whose work explores the connections between people and quiet space, finding resonances between the soundscape and experiences of interior stillness. This creative practice is manifested through writings, field recordings, composition, soundwalks and the development of focus-oriented sound art practices. Richard has facilitated meditation and mindfulness practices for over a decade and leads contemplative arts activities for events and festivals. Richard is ambassador for Hush City app, Silent Space, is the UK representative for Quiet Parks International and an Associate Artist with the Jelly arts organisation. He also releases music on the Buried Treasure record label. In addition to his freelance work, Richard is a researcher with the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and Associate Lecturer in Audio Production at both Oxford Brookes and the University of West London.


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