creative field recording

This workshop explores the art of creative sound recording in a variety of settings. Using a range of creative field recording practices and audio technology, we’ll be exploring ways to record both the audible soundscape and the sounds hidden to our senses.

  • Access to a range of professional sound recording equipment (you are welcome to bring your own)

  • A flash drive containing your field recordings to take away and use in your own creative projects.

  • Tailored advice on equipment, technique and the use of field recordings in creative projects.

  • Access to helpful online field recording tutorials, useful web-links to creative field recording practitioners and free software for editing, manipulating and arranging the recordings.

  • A pack of downloadable, copyright-free recordings for you to use.

framework intro - Richard Bentley
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This workshop is the perfect experience for musicians, film-makers and anyone wishing to explore the myriad sounds of the natural world. The workshop is suitable for those new to field recording as well as those with some prior experience. Working with a variety of sound sources and audio technology, the workshop will give you hands-on experience of creative field recording techniques and the use of a variety of microphones, including contact microphones, UHF (bat detectors) and hydrophones.

wind turbine (contact mic) - Richard Bentley
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The workshop begins with an introduction to the use of portable recorders and microphones for field recording. After becoming familiar with the equipment, we will be exploring creative techniques, listening to the soundscape and uncovering the hidden sounds in our midst. By the end of the workshop participants will be familiar with the fundamentals of creative field recording practice and have a range of recording techniques to draw upon. In addition, the experience includes:


Minimum 3 hours. Whole day and weekend workshops can also be accommodated.


Pricing is tailored to individual or group size and location (Richard is based near Oxford, England). Please contact to discuss your requirements. 


Richard Bentley

Richard is a sound artist whose work explores the connections between people and quiet space, finding resonances between the soundscape and experiences of interior stillness. This creative practice is manifested through writings, field recordings, composition, soundwalks and the development of focus-oriented sound art practices. Richard has created bespoke audio products for clients such as The Woodland Trust, Crisis, Intelligent Health, The Roald Dahl Museum, Nature Nurture, Reading University and a host of community arts organisations. He is ambassador for Hush City app, Silent Space, is the UK representative for Quiet Parks International and an Associate Artist with the Jelly arts organisation. He also releases music on the Buried Treasure record label. In addition to his freelance work, Richard is a researcher with the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and Associate Lecturer in Audio Production at both Oxford Brookes and the University of West London.


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