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Underpinning all of my work is a desire to listen with care and attention to the world around me. The following projects explore this practice and intention in recordings, transcriptions and reflections.

Distal Bodies

The short daily listenings and recordings that comprise this project, document the changing soundscape in the village of Woodcote, South Oxfordshire during the Covid-19 lockdown in May/June 2020 and a series of [unlocked] recordings in September 2020. The writings and reflections investigate themes of social, spatial and temporal distance.


Through repeated listening, sound recording and exploration of experience, this project probes the simple act of sweeping. It is the mundane, everyday tasks and their associated sounds that are of interest. This is partly because their cultural and communal significance is often overlooked. But, it is mostly because ordinariness is in abundance, offering repeated opportunities to experience meaning, directly and intuitively.

Lion Seats

This series of sound diaries will explored the soundscapes of formal (usually sitting) meditation, examining both locations expressly set aside for meditation such as priories, chapels and quiet rooms, as well as the ‘quiet spaces’ chosen by practitioners such as urban parks, peaceful rural locations or spaces set-aside in a home.

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